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One of the many things I loved about The Wedding


Was the way you could see Jamie’s joy in getting to marry Claire (as well as his eagerness just to kiss her as well as bed her), but that you could see when he looked at Claire in those moments, and he saw how nervous and scared she was, he would check himself and dumb down his own happiness out of respect for her and her situation.


Props to Sam Heughan.

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Two of my favorite moments in an episode filled with favorite moments. I just adore the gentleness, the intimacy, the familiarity of these little gestures. The goal of this episode was to establish, without question, the intense bond and love between these two people, and god DAMN if it didn’t follow through on that promise.

Jamie and Claire didn’t just have sex in this episode three times but who’s counting, or get married or talk about their families—Claire and Jamie fell in love.

Yes, we know that Jamie already had intense feelings for Claire, and she for him (although arguably more suppressed), but what happens in “The Wedding” is a two-person process of a husband and wife falling in love with each other, on their wedding day (and night, of course!).

And these little moments really speak to that—they’re not lustful or hesitant, they’re affectionate, gentle, and profoundly intimate. For the credibility of the story, we have to believe that these people would defy the laws of time for one another’s sake and it’s brilliant touches like these that achieve that.

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When they film the scenes, they shoot them over and over and over, even if it’s a good take and no one messes up their lines, they do it again and again, partly to get coverage, but mostly because the director is looking for something very specific.
We shot the wedding night scene, where they have their first sexual encounter. The first take was fine, as far as I could tell, but the director, Anna Foerster, had them do it over and over again. I was fascinated. I kept thinking, “Why is she doing this?” and then finally I realized she was wearing them out. She got them tired enough that they just cut loose and actually acted like people who had been up all night trying to have sex.

When actors are doing this sort of thing — anything that involves what you might call physical choreography, fight scenes, sex scenes, etc. — they have thought it out very carefully ahead of time. They were making the exact same sounds each time, until Foerster brought them to the point of total exhaustion, and then they started making real sounds. [Laughs].

Diana Gabaldon on a memorable experience on set (x)

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